Inyo National Forest Rescinds Fire Restrictions

USFS Notice

The Inyo National Forest announces that fire restrictions put into place for the forest earlier this summer are rescinded, effective immediately.  Recent rain and snow, combined with increased humidity, shorter days, and cooler nighttime temperatures have reduced fire risk and prompted the forest to lift the fire restrictions. A campfire permit is still required for those camping outside of developed campgrounds and can be obtained online at,


Important fire safety reminders for outdoor activities on public lands include:

  • Prevent vehicle related fires by maintaining proper tire pressure, ensuring adequate tire tread, and checking your brakes for overheating. Avoid traveling or parking on brush or grass. Ensure chains are not dragging while towing.
  • Make sure your campfire is dead out! Clear an area at least 10 feet in diameter for your fire. Never leave a fire unattended. Keep a shovel and bucket of water nearby at all times. Use the “drown, stir and feel” to extinguish a campfire.
  • Motorcycles, ATVs and chainsaws require an approved spark arrestor.
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