High Sierra Energy Foundation (HSEF) Receives Power Saver Rewards Grant

High Sierra Energy Foundation (HSEF) Receives Power Saver Rewards Grant 

HSEF will educate constituents about the benefits of signing up for Power Saver Rewards and helping  prevent a power outage when a Flex Alert is issued. 

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Mammoth Lakes, CA – June 26, 2023 The High Sierra Energy Foundation was selected by Energy Upgrade California to receive a 2023 Power Saver Rewards grant. Power Saver Rewards, an Energy  Upgrade California initiative, encourages utility customers to reduce their energy use during a Flex Alert  by providing them with a credit on their energy bill.

“We are thrilled to join Power Saver Rewards once again to help them fulfill their mission of supporting  customers and helping prevent a power outage,” says Pam Close Bold, Executive Director of the High  Sierra Energy Foundation. “The response to Power Saver Rewards by our audiences has been tremendous,  and we’re pleased to see so many people in our area signing up and helping prevent power outages. It’s a  no brainer, and we are putting in the work to share this positive message.”

This is HSEF’s second year of participation in the Power Saver Rewards grant program. Millions of  Californians have already enrolled in the program and received credits on their energy bills after saving  energy during a Flex Alert.

Flex Alerts are typically issued when the weather is extremely hot and there is not enough energy supply  to match demand. When utility customers reduce their energy use during a Flex Alert, it helps prevent a  power outage.

To enroll for free in the Power Saver Rewards Program, visit: PowerSaverRewards.org.

About Higher Sierra Energy Foundation: 

High Sierra Energy Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting the culture of energy  efficiency and sustainability in the Eastern Sierra. Learn more at https://www.highsierraenergy.org/

About Power Saver Rewards: 

California’s Power Saver Rewards program was launched in 2022 to provide utility customers with  rewards when they reduce their energy use during a Flex Alert. When Californians reduce their energy  use during a Flex Alert, it helps prevent a power outage. Learn more at PowerSaverRewards.org.

About Energy Upgrade California: 

Energy Upgrade California is an alliance of the California Public Utilities Commission, the California  Energy Commission, utility companies, regional energy networks, local governments, community choice aggregators, businesses, and nonprofit organizations – all uniting to educate Californians on their energy  use. By participating in the Power Saver Rewards program, people can positively impact the strain on the  power grid by shifting their energy outside of peak times.

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