Fall On Up Don’t Climb Down To Autumn Fun In Bishop


Greetings from Bishop, CA!

Fall On Up Don’t Climb Down

To Autumn Fun In Bishop

As Mother Nature’s autumn fireworks begin to wrap up in the upper elevations, it’s time to take a different perspective on Bishop’s Big Backyard. You can feel the change in the air. The first snows will soon be blanketing the upper peaks and yet the weather is still perfect for a slower paced adventure. Round Valley and the Bishop City Park will be picture perfect for fall foliage photography this week. Be sure to check www.californiafallcolor.com for latest updates. The photo above was captured just outside of Bishop in November 2020 by Laure Lee Kimmel.

Here are a few ideas to spark your fall wanderlust – don’t forget to pack your camera!

Every Mountain High, Every Valley Low

As the summer crowds dwindle, the upcoming season is when wildlife is the most restless. Alongside the dazzling colors, you’ll be taken in by the soft breezes and quiet chatter of animals and birds getting prepared for winter. It’s the perfect time to go wildlife viewing.

Sierra Nevada – Mountains Of History

Visitors may come for the scenery and adventure, but you should dig deeper and experience the history that exists in Bishop’s Big Backyard. For example, it’s one of the few places in the world where you can easily see evidence of the natural history of a region and how it formed to what it is today. Consider joining the 7th annual Eastern Sierra History Conference from October 28th to the 30th to get a deeper understanding. On a separate note, it’s also where another piece of tragic history resides that many are unaware of – Journey to Manzanar.

Fall Foliage Update – It’s Wrapping Up…

So Let’s Go Climbing

Bishop is arguably one of the best locations for rock climbing and bouldering in the world. As the leaves fall from the aspens, climbers begin to migrate here like snowbirds to Arizona. This is prime time to challenge yourself from the Happy and Sad Boulders to the Buttermilk Country and beyond.

Webcams around Bishop, CA

Climbing Weather App – Buttermilks

Fall Highball Craggin’ Classic

As you would expect, its peak season for bouldering. And the annual Eastside throw down Bishop Highball Craggin’ Classic is happening from November 11th – 13th. This 3-day grassroots climbing festival isn’t just a competition, but rather a true celebration of Eastern Sierra climbing including the ultimate bouldering moves known as highballs.


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Plan Your Trip – Create an Itinerary

Screen Shot 2022 09 02 at 11.23.39 AM

(From Bishop Chamber of Commerce)

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