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  Spider-Man No Way Home


To say Spider-Man No Way Home is the biggest film in years would be an understatement. The first question going into the movie was if it’s going to be nothing but hype, or if it’ll live up to expectations. There is no question that after the first viewing, No Way Home lived up to everything it had promised, and more. Satisfying long time fans with a coherent story and fun action/adventure drama. New viewers to the Marvel series won’t have to worry about feeling too lost if they are not caught up with any previous Marvel installments. This particular film quickly rehashes important plot points early on to help catch up audiences who may feel lost. While telling a fresh storyline. The third full-length Spider-Man film featuring Tom Holland as Peter Parker. It picks up where things left off at the very end of “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” with the world discovering the real identity of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

It’s hard to discuss much about No Way Home, without giving anyway anything major, somethings that can be noted, No Way Home is Kevin Feige’s vision brought to life on an unimaginable canvas. Putting together a roster of old and new faces alike, playing the characters you want to see them play, and doing it in exactly the way that you want to see them do it. Showing the passion for the material as a director and storyteller. Other than relying on the shock value of seeing some of your favorite characters, they are being used in a proper way to further the film’s narrative.

As comic book films are typically not what your standard “cinephile “ would call cinema, No Way Home is the example of why that couldn’t be further from the truth. After the year 2020 keeping films out of cinemas, where they belong, No Way Home is quite possibly the perfect film that is bringing cinema to where it was before any shutdowns.

In many more ways than one, this movie is one big emotional roller coaster. Leaving even the biggest comic book/MCU fans in shell shock. Some even saying they have left the movie in tears! Where else are you going to experience that? As a movie goer, that is what going to the theater is about.

Spider-Man is fun action for the whole family. The action scenes may feel a little intense for some, but nothing too extreme.

Spider-Man No Way Home is rated PG-13 for Sequences of Action/Violence|Brief Suggestive Comments|Some Language)

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