BUHS Kicks Off Homecoming Football Game Against Rosamond

Photo credit: Cai Hargrove

The stands were packed Friday night, and the anticipation for the outcome of the game was buzzing among the crowd. Home Street Middle School’s drill team and color guard were the opening act for the pre-game and performed wonderfully. BUHS’s dance team and cheerleaders also performed beautifully and were followed by the homecoming court announcements.

Bishop won the coin toss and kicked off for the first quarter. We scored touchdowns and field goals left and right throughout the game and won 55-0.

When asked about the game, Bishop’s coach James Ferrell said “I think the game we played tonight was absolutely complete. I think from offense to defense and special teams, all three phases I thought were very very complete tonight.”

Photo credit: Cai Hargrove

Bronco Colten Matteson (#42) had good things to say about the game saying, “I believe we played very well and very strong and our opponent was very strong and we just played our game.”

Rosamond’s coach Alex Roy explained his team’s loss saying, “Bishop is a well-run program. They know what they’re doing. They[‘re] aggressive. They have a good coaching staff. They came out here ready to play and my team didn’t and we’re in the middle of rebuilding because we didn’t have a season from Covid, and you guys did too, but a lot of my kids is first year playing football too so I’m not making excuses here. These kids haven’t been a part of a structured program in a long time, if ever, so just rebuilding is very tough. I kind of had an idea that this was going to happen but there’s more than meets the eye right now and I’m going to have to fix that. Bishop did a great job. Coach Palu is a class act and do we appreciate your guy’s host.”.

Our next game is an away game in Boron, Friday 10/29 at 7:00 pm.


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The Broncos celebrated homecoming with a 55-0 win over Rosamond. • Eastern Sierra Now
1 year ago

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