Big Pine Volunteer Fire Gets a Thermal Imaging Drone for Search and Rescue

Big Pine Volunteer FireThe Big Pine Volunteer Fire Department was awarded a grant from California Fire Foundation for the purchase of a Drone equipped with a Thermal Image Camera and two Fox Furry portable lights.
The Drone is a game changer for Big Pine Fire for Night time Search and Rescue missions , Wildland fires, Structure fires and Defensible space inspections around the community of Big Pine and its surrounding areas.
This is the second year that BPFD has been awarded funds from CFF and has positively impacted our safety of our firefighters with last year getting Monies for wildland pants for all of our firefighters and this year being able to use the funds to purchase the Drone and portable Fox Furry lights.
As you can see with the Thermal camera the Black Dot located at the Fire Department is a Subject and the color thermal is deer at night located in a Field.
Drones can be flown from high altitude positions and long distances, keeping the fire fighters and rescuers safe, while they can get an eye on the situation from a far. Thermal imaging and Night vision mounted cameras on drones allow the volunteers to see people and animals that may be in danger, from a position that the human eye could not.
For more from Big Pine Fire, see their Facebook Page
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