9-17-21: National News in a Nutshell

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Earth On Track to Warm 2.7 Degrees Celsius By 2100

The United Nations today released the information that even with the most recent action plans submitted, the planet will warm more than 2.7 degrees Celsius. Such a rise in temperature would lead to catastrophic events such as rising sea levels, increased drought, and other natural disasters. This disaster could be avoidable – if actions are taken immediately, and if all nations act together.



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FDA Advisers Vote for Use of Booster Pfizer Dose

FDA vaccine advisers have approved booster shots of the Pfizer vaccine in people 65 years and older as well as high-risk individuals. However, booster shots have not been approved for vaccinated individuals under 65. The discussion is ongoing, and many advisers have said they do not want to rush the process and want to see more data before making any more decisions.




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Firefighters Race to Protect General Sherman Tree

As wildfires rage through Sequoia National Park, the world’s largest tree, the giant sequoia General Sherman, is under threat. Though the fire has not reached the historic tree, firefighters have wrapped its trunk in aluminum, fire-resistant blankets that can withstand fire for short periods of time. Firefighters are working tirelessly to save the giant sequoias, and hope that the fires won’t reach these monumental trees.



Photo credit: The Guardian

U.S. Military Drone Strike Kills 10 Kabul Civilians

Today, the U.S. military said that on a drone strike in Kabul last month, 10 Afghan civilians were killed, 7 of which were children. The August 29th drone strike was on a white Toyota Corolla, and Marine General Frank McKenzie takes responsibility, saying that the intelligence was wrong on the vehicle and they had believed the car’s occupants were a serious threat.

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